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As the Lotus Flower grows in muddy water, rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment, we grow through difficulties and various experiences in order to become stronger and achieve a balanced and a peaceful state. All of us have the possibility to blossom into beautiful living beings, we just need to be facilitated into the path. Please come and join me in my Meditation Classes & Workshops in Enfield and North London.

I will be very happy to share with you the wonderful journey of Meditation!

Cristiana Canzanese

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Few tips to understand the importance of ‘Relaxation Time’ in our Lives

Create Time

Creating regularly time for Fun and Relaxation

Connect with Others

Increase your feelings of happiness and self-worth

Nurture Yourself

Understanding the importance of ‘Your Own Time’ 

Fun and Relaxation

All too often we tend to live our lives in a very busy and hectic way, completely forgetting about our needs and ourselves.

It is very important to remember to make time for Fun and Relaxation, as we need to be aware about the importance of Nurturing Ourselves.

Your OWN time

Creating regularly time for Fun and Relaxation, will give you the possibility to be in a better position to handle the stress you may encounter in life, as you will also experience a sense of healthy balance.

Extremes are never good for our mind, our body and our soul. We need to compensate for the time spent being busy with work, with family and with stressful situations.

Few Tips:

– Set aside Relaxation time

– Connect with others and spend time with good friends

– Do something you enjoy, every day

– Go for a walk and spend time in Nature

– Sweat out tension with a good workout

– Go to a Yoga or Meditation class

– Create: Painting, Drawing, Write your Journal

– Curl up with a good book

We have so many choices, we just need to start!

Please come and join me in my Meditation Classes & Workshops in Enfield and North London… Let’s start this journey together!




Marketing Manager

‘I have been practising Meditation for couple of years now, and I have tried many classes, workshops and retreats. Cristiana’s class is truly unique, because it combines different aspects, to guide you into your personal Meditation journey…
I thoroughly recommend it!’


Osteopath and Clinic Director of The Backbone Osteopathic Practice

‘I find Cristiana’s classes both relaxing and informative. She explains everything so well and is attentive throughout the class to each student. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or have no previous experience, I would highly recommend Cristiana’s classes.’


Office Manager

‘If you are looking for a peaceful and quite moment, where all your worries will disappear, I strongly recommend Cristiana’s classes. They always leave me feeling calm but energised at the same time. A great moment to look forward to during the week!’


Learning Support Assistant

‘Having never practiced Meditation, I was a bit nervous about beginning a class. I shouldn’t have, as Cristiana has made me feel so confortable and at ease within the practice. She is always there ready to help and to clarify any doubts you may have. I love her philosophical approach to the practice, very insightful!’


‘Amazing sessions each time. Each class creates perspective and the strength to reflect with and without your mind. Thank you Cristiana’